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We're not like the others...

“Results-focused”. “Data-driven”. “Integrated”. We could throw in a few more cliches you’ll hear on websites of external marketing and sales providers.

We are those. But those are table stakes. What really matters is a partner who is as invested in you as you are in them. That’s why we put skin in the game. 

Why? Well you can almost think of us as an outsourced sales rep. You pay your sales team commission when they perform - and we think that’s the model of the future. It encourages the right behaviours of an external partner. And that’s what most companies are looking for. A partnership - not a one way channel of communication or two parties with differing goals and ambitions.

Instead, a collaboration that creates positive outcomes.

As for our experience? Well, we’ve been doing this for a while. With decades of combined experience working with start up, scale ups and more established B2B brands, Colman Rose know how to influence what matters to you:

  • Growing MRR and ARR
  • Converting more pipeline into closed won revenue
  • Generating better fit and higher quality leads
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Meet the Team

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Matthew Kay


I started my career working with SMEs and larger brands like Costa, PwC, AXA, VWFS & Nestle. For most of the last decade however, I've focused my efforts on scaling B2B companies - predominantly those in SaaS and professional service verticals - working with them across several marketing disciplines to get the most from their growth expenditure.

I like to think of myself as an all-rounder, and a hybrid between both marketing and sales disciplines given my hands on background in both roles.

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